Echelon answers the Question what VoIP is?

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Echelon answers the Question what VoIP is?

Technology has undergone significant transformation recently. Businesses have been compelled to change and develop new methods of operation as a result if they want to maintain the success of their organisations. Those that continued to rely on conventional phone systems inadvertently fell behind their rivals and would have to fight harder in the future. It was crucial to adapt their working practises to more modern IP-based communication techniques that enable contact from any location. If you haven’t thought about it yet, it’s time.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has commonly been the modern solution to this. Some of the most used applications of all time use a VoIP system such as Facetime, Discord and Skype to name a couple. VoIP is a solution that is utilised by multi-million dollar companies. With that lets look at some of the key benefits that you could get from our VoIP services.

The Benefits of using VoIP in your business over traditional phones


Our VoIP services are very good value for money which is key to your business being a success. Our VoIP is much cheaper than traditional telephony due to it not running a continuous connection. VoIP, on the other hand, merely sends data across the internet in ‘packets’ when voice or data is picked up, eliminating the requirement for a phone line to be maintained throughout the entire session. This indicates that it pauses and restarts; similar to how modern cars stop in traffic and use less electricity, the same idea is applied here.

You can also save a lot more money as there is a lot less cabling required to setup a VoIP infrastructure over a traditional telephony system. VoIP eliminates the need for established and maintained phone lines because it simply needs an internet connection to function.


A dedicated physical phone line, as in a traditional telephony system, is not present in a VoIP system. You can now operate remotely from any location while maintaining your professional appearance because your phone number is not location specific. When it previously wasn’t possible, this can help you keep your organization’s image professional.

Being reachable no matter where you are

You may take your VoIP number with you wherever there is an internet connection in the world since it does not require a physical location. For instance, you might set up your cell phone to be the first location the phone rings if you aren’t in the office before you leave. You leave the workplace prepared for a much-needed vacation, but as soon as you get there, your cell phone rings with a crucial call from one of your top clients. You don’t want to respond because you’re on vacation, but you also need to act professionally and with good customer service. VoIP fortunately makes this feasible because you can answer calls as if you’re in the office without the client knowing by using an app on your phone. This means that they never have to know that you were relaxing on a tropical island sipping margaritas. This provides you flexibility that was before unachievable – your job and home life can now converge in a constructive way.

Easy to set up

VoIP is easy to set up. With there being possibility for it to be cloud hosted you can choose to avoid needing to acquire hardware all together. By choosing this you can save on the cost of the hardware and on the time it would take to install it. However, even if you don’t choose for it to be cloud hosted it is still easy to set up and if you need any help setting it up we here at Echelon can help with this.

Current relevance

The working world of today is incredibly remote. One of the main issues with this relatively new manner of working is staying connected, especially if you want to continuously meet the highest levels of professionalism. VoIP enables your team to maintain a professional demeanour at all times. Callers won’t know that your team is even working remotely because the transition from the office phone to their preferred device is seamless and doesn’t affect the dial tone. Theoretically, if you choose, you can complete the shift to remote working over the course of an evening; however, when your clients contact you the following morning, they won’t be aware of the change.


For remote workers, two essential components—reliability and speed of connection—must be ensured. Without this assurance, the person working from home may struggle to keep up with the task, causing stress for both them and their irate manager owing to missed deadlines.

Having said all of this, there are a few things you should bear in mind before switching to VoIP. Prior to beginning, make sure your business broadband connection can handle the additional VoIP traffic it will be receiving.

Echelon offers VoIP Services!

If you were looking to upgrade or even to put a phoning system in place here at Echelon we offer a top of the line VoIP service and installation. If you would like to discuss acquiring a VoIP system for your business, please don’t hesitate to Get in Touch as we would love to help you advance your phoning system into the modern age.

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