Industries We Serve in Phoenix, AZ

Industries We Serve

Is your business a good fit for a partnership with Echelon?

Delivering Top-Shelf IT Services for Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

In Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding cities there are companies that represent nearly every industry. We’re proud to say that many of those businesses trust the Echelon team to keep their IT services functioning, secure, and optimized.
Here is the short list of the industries that we serve.
  • Healthcare
  • Law
  • Accounting
  • Construction
  • Remote Workforce
  • Small to Mid-Size Business
  • Residential

Don’t See Your Industry Listed? That’s Okay!

We serve companies in some of the most rigorous security and compliance frameworks. We’re confident that we can protect your data and streamline your workflow as well! Just give our IT consultants a call to have a no-obligation conversation to discuss your requirements with one of our leadership team.
  • Protecting your patient data
  • Keeping your computers running
  • Ensuring Uptime
  • Maintaining PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • Supporting near-zero internet downtime

We partner with top compliance company to ensure that you don’t violate compliance mandates or suffer from related fines. Together, we have never had a customer in the medical field fined due to violations.

  • Document Management
  • Data Security
  • Custom Practice Management Solutions
  • Secure WiFi
  • Secure Mobile Access to Workflow
  • Remote Access for Legal Support Team
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance
  • Application Customization and Integration
  • Supporting your use of QuickBooks, Thomson Reuters, Peachtree, and more
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Data Retention
  • Securing Sensitive Data
  • Working with a Compliance Partner to Ensure Your Adherence to Legislative and Industry Standards
  • Implementing, Conducting, and Maintaining Backups
  • Ensuring Near-Zero Unplanned Downtime (especially during tax season)
Construction – Contracting
  • Supporting your use of Viewpoint Suite, ProContractor, Vista, and more
  • Providing You with Construction Site Cameras and Internet Solutions
  • Giving Your Employees Mobile Access to The Applicable Applications and Data
  • Protecting Customers Plans and The Financials of Projects from Data Breaches
  • Delivering Data Redundancy or Backup and Business Continuity
Remote Workforce
  • Reliable Access to Corporate Networks or Data for All Remote Workers
  • Productivity Monitoring for All Employees’ Devices
  • Reliable Internet Connectivity
  • Secure Access to Company Files and Client Data
Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)
  • Protection for Data
  • Tools for Efficiency
  • Surveillance Cameras for Physical Security
  • Backup for Business Continuity
  • IT Monitoring for Peace of Mind
  • IT Consulting for Your Pro-Growth Plans
  • Business-grade WiFi
  • Network Security
  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Robust WiFi with Ample Bandwidth
  • WIFI Coverage for Every Room
  • Support for Work-from-Home