Security Cameras in Phoenix, AZ

Protection and Documentation for Your Facility Security

Security Cameras in Phoenix, AZ

Smart Surveillance Systems Do Far More Than Record What Happens

We’ve all seen the “you’re being watched” signs in front of businesses and residences. Do they do any good? According to studies, they are a deterrent.


People change their behavior when they know that they are being watched.

Our IT company helps you do far more with security cameras than simply record what happens. Echelon surveillance systems allow you to do everything from deterring criminal activity to stopping internal theft and espionage.

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What Makes the Echelon Surveillance Systems So Special?

We live in a day when it seems that security cameras are available almost anywhere. Hardware stores, big-box electronics stores, and even Walmart carries a few. So why partner with Echelon to handle your security systems?

Well, there’s a difference between residential-grade and business-grade surveillance systems. Echelon carries cameras and video backup systems that have been built for and tested under enterprise business scenarios. Just contact us today!

But that’s not all.

  • A Dedicated Connection One of the tactics leveraged by criminals is to wait until your power is out, your phone line is cut, or your internet is down. Our systems do not rely on any of these. Instead, we employ cellular technology to ensure that the bad guys can’t take away the electronic eyes and ears on your property.
  • Granular, Mobile Control Your smartphone is now “control central” for your surveillance systems. Intuitive app controls allow you to arm or disarm your system, check logs, and receive alerts from anywhere!
  • Cloud Video/Audio Backup Options Do you need to keep a copy of your surveillance audio/video for compliance reasons? We’ve got you covered! Echelon will set up a cloud repository for your surveillance system that is easy for you to access and manage when needed.
  • Proactive Safeguards When it comes to giving you a surveillance system that puts your safety first, we’ve thought of everything! If you or a manager forgets to arm the system, we’ll send you an alert. If there’s a dangerous weather event that may impact your facility’s integrity, we’ll alert you to that as well.
  • Employee Monitoring While we know that you love and trust your employees, we also are reminded of the old Russian proverb, “Trust but Verify.” Internal cameras don’t have to be intrusive, but their very presence helps your employees be more honest with their actions and time.

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