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Cyber Security


Cybersecurity Services

Protecting you, your clients, your processes, and your investment

Let Us Build Concentric Walls of Security Around Your Business!

In the old days, security was comprised of a moat, drawbridge, and alligators. Much has changed, but the principle is still the same. You have to keep the bad guys out of your castle!

Echelon leverages best in class, enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions and protocols to keep our clients’ internal processes, data, and customer communication/collaboration protected.

Why Partner With Echelon?

Businesses across the region partner with us because the danger is real. Every day, companies ranging from professional services firms to manufacturing facilities and online retailers are targeted by cybercriminals.

  • Spam
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Hackers
  • Denial of Service Attacks

Every tactic that criminal elements use has to be countered by your IT systems.

Are you prepared?

We’ve been protecting businesses like yours since 2002 and have earned our reputation for excellence in cybersecurity management.

What Cybersecurity Tools Does the Echelon Team Use to Protect Your Company?

Yes, we do all of these

  • Firewall configuration and monitoring
  • Spam filtering
  • Traffic filtering
  • WiFi security
  • Network security
  • Penetration testing
  • Fully-Managed antivirus configuration and monitoring
  • Critical Incident response – (Remote and Onsite as needed — Our response times based on SLA and generally beat the competition)

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our cybersecurity solution that we offer remediation of any compromises to clients that engage us for our full cybersecurity package!

Protecting Your Mobile Workflow

Companies are increasingly moving to mobile and work-from-home scenarios. To keep pace with the marketplace and to ensure the safety and reliability of your systems in a mobile environment, we offer cutting-edge mobile security and management services.

  • Bring Your Own Device Security – Do your employees use their personal devices for work? If those devices aren’t secured, they can be the path that criminals use to access your network.
  • Fleet Device Security – Do you supply tablets, smartphones, and laptops for your employees to use? It’s critical that you let us lock down those devices.
  • Remote Wipe – What happens if a mobile device is lost or stolen? By implementing remote wipe protocols now, you can avoid putting your business data into the hands of criminals.
  • Application Restriction – You already know that not every application in the App Store Microsoft App Store, or Google Play are secure or in line with your productivity goals. By restricting the applications that an end-user can put on their company device, we can help ensure productivity and data protection.
  • Compliance Policy Enforcement – Compliance mandates do apply to mobile devices. In order to protect yourself from audit consequences and fines, it’s critical to deploy policy enforcement across the mobile devices utilized in your business.