Your Virtual IT Department

Your Virtual IT Department


Virtual IT Department Services

Answering your IT questions, empowering employees to get more done

Why Hire Expensive Internal IT Employees When You Can Partner with an Entire Team of IT Specialists!

Companies worldwide are struggling with keeping costs under control while improving the quality of their products and services. It’s hard for you to grow a business with unpredictable IT costs.

Echelon has solved the problem for you!

We partner with businesses of all shapes and sizes by becoming their outside, Virtual IT Department. We provide all the convenience and personalized service that you’d expect from an in-house IT team without the high overhead costs associated with full-time employees’ salaries and benefits.

What’s Included?
  • IT Help Desk
  • Cybersecurity Management and Monitoring
  • Operational Monitoring
  • Critical Response
  • Executive IT Roadmap Consulting
  • IT Workflow Optimization

Why Partner with the Echelon Team?

That’s an important question. Yes, we’ve been in business since 2002. Yes, we’ve built trusted relationships with businesses across the region. What’s the most important thing to you? We’ve got the right people on our team to deal with any issue you may face!

The BIGGEST advantage of a Virtual IT Department is that your company isn’t limited to the knowledge and training of a few in-house IT employees. With Echelon, you’ve got access to a wide range of pro-growth business technology specializations. Our team members have been carefully chosen for the positive impact that their expertise can make on your day-to-day business activities and go-forward company objectives.

What Does Virtual IT Department Cost?

If you had to hire technology specialists with the expertise that the Echelon team has, you’d be into hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. The good news is that because we can use economies of scale with our personnel and business technology management/security solutions, you get the best in the industry at a highly reduced cost (when compared to hiring in-house employees).

Because your company is unique – even in your own industry – it’s best that we sit down and talk about what resources you would require. Once we have that information, we’d be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.