Five Steps for a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

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Five Steps for a Smooth Transition to the Cloud

In today’s market, the cloud is one of the most integral components. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses. By 2023, the cloud service market is expected to reach 454 billion dollars worldwide, which further confirms its popularity as the global choice of system. What makes it so popular? Businesses can use cloud computing to store and access data on demand, to access resources, and to support their operations proactively. Cloud migration will also reduce costs for your business.  

The following five steps will help you make your transition to the cloud as smooth as possible. 

Is cloud migration the right solution for your business? 

When migrating to the cloud, you should first consider the various options / factors that come with this decision and whether this change will meet your needs. 

In order to determine how much capacity and size your business needs, you must first look at your existing resources. For the cloud to store and process all of your vital data, you must examine every single piece of hardware and application you have. The different types of services that are offered in the cloud (such as servers, storage, apps, and databases) should also be considered when choosing the right cloud solution for your business. In most businesses, databases and Line of Business applications are the only tools they rely on. (We would recommend Azure as it is a cloud service that offers a wide variety of options and customizations.) 

Organize a cloud management team 

A dedicated cloud team will assist you with this migration and ensure it runs smoothly from start to finish. Whenever you encounter problems or concerns, you can get in touch with this team directly. As your applications migrate over to the cloud, the team will adjust and monitor them. In addition, they will collect user feedback and fix any problems they find.  

Choose the right platform for you 

Make sure you consider all your options, compare them, and choose one that fits your business best. Cloud services come in three main levels: 

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service 

PaaS – Platform as a service 

SaaS – Software as a service. 

Having decided on the level of service your business requires, you can now choose a cloud provider.  

Collect baseline data 

It is important to gather baseline data before migrating to the cloud as it will allow for comparisons between the different services and enable your ability to determine if cloud migration is a good move for your business. In addition, this information will help you identify and resolve any issues that may arise during your migration process. After a migration, you can also collect baseline data to see if user experience, speed, and other factors have improved. 

Start out small & finalize your migration to the cloud 

Our recommendation is to start small and move one piece of data or application at a time to ensure a smooth transition. In the event of any issues, the cloud team will be able to pinpoint the problem and resolve it promptly. 

The cloud is now yours for the taking! After the migration process has been completed, you should measure and check the performance of your applications using KPIs. By doing this, you will be able to identify any changes that have occurred to this data as a result of the transition. 

Join the Modern Workplace 

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