Document Management in Your Organization – SharePoint

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Document Management in Your Organization – SharePoint

In our previous article we established that the tech we have at our disposal today is revolutionary, and advancements in technology have allowed us to adapt the way we work to be sure that we go about our daily activities – both in the workplace and otherwise – in the most efficient way possible.

It is essential that you and your business move with the times and adopt modern technological methods as soon as possible, because this is the only way that you can compete in a saturated marketplace full of businesses already using tech to its full capabilities. Doing so will improve the way your team work and, in turn, boost productivity and efficiency.

We also briefly explored SharePoint as the modern alternative to your traditional file servers. Let’s take a more in-depth look now.


SharePoint is a customizable Cloud-based content collaboration and management platform that allows your team to work together, remotely and smarter than they ever have before.

What are the benefits of SharePoint?

SharePoint was built to boost collaboration. Its ‘Co-authoring’ feature in Microsoft Teams allows for multiple users to edit a document at the same time, irradicating the need for hundreds of versions of the same document to work their way around the company, and gone are the days of searching for the latest copy.

Existing app integration

Microsoft SharePoint seamlessly integrates with the rest of your business applications. It also works effectively with your entire Microsoft Office Suite of tools – including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams – and a variety of other back-office systems – making it easy to use and thereby saving you time and money.

Improved security

SharePoint’s abilities place safety and integrity at the very top of its concerns – like all apps in the Microsoft ecosystem. It gives you full control over your own security, because you can; configure settings, control shareability, and remain safe and compliant to regulatory compliance, all in a way that suits your business.

The streamlining of business processes

SharePoint allows you to collect and organize data from your entire business all in one place. Information from suppliers, communication with customers, interactions with partners, and a variety of other metrics are stored in SharePoint’s form-driven solutions, allowing you to be sure that they all complement one another. Your employees, by having access to business intelligence portals in SharePoint, will be able to make better decisions based on revised consumer statistics, and – taking it one step further – be able to predict accurate future fluctuations in supply and demand allowing them to adapt their behaviour to reflect it.

Task management

SharePoint makes it possible to guarantee top quality work every time. Once a user is finished with a piece of work they can ‘send for review’ to another user. The other user – once having reviewed the work – can then sign off the document as complete, which will notify other relevant users of the change. This irradicates the need for constant emailing or messaging amongst your team – they can simply rely on SharePoint to carry out automated processes and ensure quality of service.

SharePoint is a sure-fire way to ensure Slick document management in your organization, but if you wish to learn more please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team.

Slick Document Management

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