Time-Consuming Manual Processes


Solution: Automation and integration that removes manual input steps, giving your team time for more profitable activity

Time-Consuming Manual Processes

How much time — and money — do you waste on repetitive, manual processes across your business? According to Sage, the total amount spent across small and medium businesses across the globe is $600 billion, or 120 days a year.

Your IT processes play a significant role in this kind of waste. Manual maintenance, distribution, and security not only cost you time and money, but they also decrease your competitiveness by eating up resources and leaving you to be reactive rather than proactive.

Echelon Technologies helps SMBs work smarter by automating, integrating, and optimizing IT processes, so you can focus on productivity.

5 Time-Consuming IT Processes Costing Your Business Money

While some IT processes still require a watchful eye, many tasks are suitable for automation through technologies like cloud assets.

The five most time-consuming processes that companies still use include:

  • Manual software distribution
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Firmware updates
  • Application deployment
  • Network management

These are all routine procedures that you can’t avoid, but they can be integrated and automated to ensure you minimize downtime and increase your ongoing IT infrastructure health and performance.

What Are the Benefits of Automating IT Processes?

The tech innovations needed to optimize rote IT processes are here and well-established. Even better, the benefits associated with automating those manual processes extend beyond saved time and money.

By using a managed service provider who automates IT processes, you enjoy a range of benefits.

The most significant of these benefits is the control you regain. When you have an automated and integrated IT system, you gain better control over strategic projects. By automating IT tasks, you free up staff to focus on detail-oriented and value-added projects that require expert oversight.

A second benefit is improved service quality. When you free your internal team from manually updating firmware or organizing a mass roll-out, they can then improve your business’s service quality

Finally, employing automation grants you the opportunity to develop a proactive approach to IT. These technologies better allow you to prepare for both threats and changes, which minimize disruption should any issues arise.

Managed Services Automation Is Here

If your IT team is overworked and overbudget, then there’s a good chance that your platform could benefit from optimization. Many routine IT processes now benefit from automation, which frees up professionals for value-added tasks, like servicing customers and preventing disruption.