Lack of Cloud Integration


Solution: Cloud needs assessment and implementation of a holistic cloud strategy that supports efficiency

Lack of Cloud Integration

Are your competitors outpacing you because they’re leveraging cloud-based assets?
The list of organizational handicaps resulting from lack of cloud integration is a long one:

  • Your employees may not be able to access data from any location.
  • Your employees may need to use specific devices to access the company internet.
  • Your employees need to install multiple software to be able to work remotely / from home
  • Your data backups are inconvenient and sometimes incomplete.
  • Provisioning your new employees is a long and tedious process.
  • Your company data is at risk of loss from storms, floods, fires and other natural disasters
  • Your business processes are not optimized.
  • Your customers don’t get the level of service they expect and deserve.

Are you concerned? Let Echelon whisk your worries away.

We have more than half a century of combined business IT management experience. We also provide the full spectrum of cloud hosting solutions and know how to leverage the cloud to supercharge your IT infrastructure.

Let our teams come in to do a comprehensive audit of your current IT infrastructure. Based on the audit, we will make recommendations about which services need to be moved to the cloud to solve your current problems arising from lack of cloud integration. We can also make recommendations about the services you already host in the cloud but need optimization.

Once you review our recommendations and give the go-ahead our teams can move into the implementation phase. We will migrate the necessary data sets, applications, and workflow to the cloud. From there, we can help your teamwork seamlessly from anywhere by performing data integration and application integration.

You will see the following benefits once your data and applications are synchronized and the cloud assets are optimized:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Improved internal communication
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Improved data backup and disaster recovery
  • Improved security
  • Improved customer support
  • Reduction in operational costs
Increased operational efficiency
  • Echelon will take care of all the needed software updates.
  • You save time and resources which would have otherwise been needed for the maintenance of hardware and software.
  • Employees with only an Internet connection can work remotely.
  • Tasks get done more quickly and efficiently.
Improved internal communication
  • Cloud-based video conferencing enables face to face communications both within and outside the company.
  • Cloud-based document sharing solutions are accessible whenever you need them.
  • Cloud-based messaging is more effective than email.
Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Your employees gain more flexibility in company network access.
  • Your employees can use any device and can do so from anywhere.
  • Your IT infrastructure can scale up or down with you to match market fluctuations.
Improved data backup and disaster recovery

Compared to legacy solutions, cloud-based disaster recovery is easy to set up and manage. Both data backup and recovery can be automated within the cloud to give you peace of mind.

Improved Security

Managed by Echelon, the cloud delivers better security than most companies can afford with in-house expertise and equipment.

Improved customer support

You can easily manage your customer support from anywhere, using any device, at any time.

Reduction in operational costs
  • The cloud allows you to avoid big, CAPEX costs for in-house hardware.
  • Fewer people and finances are required to manage your IT infrastructure.
  • New services can be added without having to purchase hardware and software.